Jamie set up his first dog training school with his wife Gemma in 2014, their passion is to help dogs and owners communicate better and in turn improving behaviour. They strive to put on amazing dog training classes, 121 consultations, workshops and competitions for pet dog owner to enjoy with their dogs. The dog training school has gone from strength to strength making it possible to bring classes to Berkhamsted and Chorleywood.

In addition to the dog training schools Jamie is the founder of UK Sniffer Dogs. Jamie started doing scent detection with his own dogs for fun and soon realised there were many behavioural benefits and decided he needed to make scent detection available to every dog as he strongly believes every dog deserves it. UK Sniffer Dogs now has a team of incredible instructors teaching scent detection globally to pet dogs and their owners. Jamie has also been working hard on bringing UK Sniffer Dogs online for both dog trainers and pet owners. 

Jamie is honoured to be a finalist in the 2021 Animal Star Awards -Behaviourist/Trainer of The Year!
As well as having a passion for dogs, Jamie has had the pleasure of giving motivational presentations for the Katie Piper Foundation. Sharing his inspirational story at the House of Lords has been one of his highlights with the foundation. 

Many will not know this but Jamie has not always been a dog trainer, his previous job was an electrician. Jamie had an accident at work which left him with 45 percent burns. Jamie had to re-evaluate and rebuild his life from scratch. Getting his puppy Frankie is what gave him purpose and a new direction both personally and in his career. The rest is as they say history.


Alanna started her dog training journey in 2016 by volunteering at the Dogs Trust Dog School, teaching puppies and their owners essential life skills. She’s now been with Jamie Pound Dog Training since 2020 and is qualified with the IMDT, IMDTB, as well as being a Bronze UK Sniffer Dogs instructor; and is working towards becoming an ACE associate tutor. Alanna teaches puppies through to advanced behaviour as well taking 121 sessions, and absolutely loves trick training!


Alanna enjoys working with all dogs but she has a very soft spot for collies, cockapoos and sensitive dogs. Her own dog Inca is a Border Collie/German Shepherd cross and they have a great time at weekends making up freestyle and heelwork to music routines!

Areas of expertise:
- Common puppy problems, puppy biting/chewing, toilet training, sleep routine, crate training etc
- General Behaviour training: recall, loose lead walking, no jumping up etc
- Complex behavioural issues: Dog to Dog reactivity/agression, Resource guarding etc

Alanna does not cover some complex behaviour issues: dog to human reactivity/ aggression or resource guarding if there are children who live with the dog in question.


Debbie is the proud owner of 3 dogs and has a soft spot for rescue dogs!  She has previously volunteered for Battersea in Windsor before becoming a part time home visitor, and then a full-time rehoming officer in London.  This involved matching dogs to families and assessing dogs for rehoming and is where her passion for learning about dog behaviour and training began.
Debbie spent four years with Guide Dogs for the Blind as a rehoming officer matching and placing retired and withdrawn dogs with families in the South East.  Following this she set up her own business four years ago offering dog walking, training, day care & boarding from home.  Debbie qualified as a dog training instructor with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and ran classes for PuppyStars for a number of years before concentrating on 121 training.  In 2019 Debbie also qualified as a LifeSkillls for Puppies Trainer as well as a Dog Parkour Instructor.  Debbie is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and a fully qualified Canine First Aid Responder and is currently in the process of studying to become a Galen Myotherapist.

Areas of expertise:
- Common puppy problems, puppy biting/chewing, toilet training, sleep routine, crate training, recall etc
- General Behaviour training: recall, loose lead walking, no jumping up etc

Debbie also covers complex behaviours - low level dog to dog, resource guarding, low level dog to human.


Gill started her Dog Trainer journey about 6 years ago with Jamie Pound Dog Training and is now an IMDT Qualified Trainer, Agility Club Accredited Instructor, Canine Hoopers UK Accredited Instructor, and a Gold UK Sniffers Instructor. She started out mainly training dog sports, but has taken on more and more puppy, behaviour/obedience and 121 sessions over the last 2 years, and now loves all of the different aspects of training for Jamie Pound Dog Training; including all the great fun that is had!
´╗┐Gill describes her own dog, Woody, as a lunatic Staffie, who finds life a little too exciting!  Gill tells us though she is used to his silly ways and that he is BRILLIANT at everything! (Especially scent work).
Along with a friend of hers, Gill also makes natural dog treats, and donates all the proceeds to various dog rescue charities, so she always has a pouch full of great stuff – “all the clients’ dogs LOVE ME!"

Areas of expertise:
- Common puppy problems, puppy biting/chewing, toilet training, sleep routine, crate training etc
- General Behaviour training: recall, loose lead walking, no jumping up etc
- Agility and Hoopers for beginners

Gill does not cover complex behaviour issues such as aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety.


Vicky has always loved working with animals from a young age.  Whilst at school she held a Saturday job at a vet clinic before moving on to agricultural college where she received a national diploma in animal care.  After qualifying, Vicky worked in a small zoo where she first started clicker training some of the animals including marmosets and porcupines.  

Vicky has trained with the IMDT, becoming qualified in 2017.  During her studies Vicky was volunteering as a dog walker for Dogs Trust before working for Dogs First. Vicky is currently training with The School Of Canine Science in the hopes of becoming a SOCS behaviourist.

Although Vicky always wanted a dog from a young age, she didn’t get one until 2017 – before this the poor cats got trained instead!  Her dog Yoda is a rescue who definitely came with emotional baggage!  Yoda is also deaf but puts 100% effort into everything he does.  Vicky enjoys working with puppies and dogs of all ages, and loves seeing their individual personalities emerge over the weeks. She also has an extra soft spot for the cheeky dogs who remind her of Yoda.

Ruth was previously a Mental Health Nurse and after attending classes with my German Shepherd decided Ruth decided it w
as time for a change. Working with aimals is a huge passion for her, since growing up with horses and dogs.

Ruth currently has a Border Collie and a German Shepherd. She loves connecting with animals and creating a valued bond and a relationship which works both ways. Ruth's GSD inspired her journey into becoming a dog trainer and learning all she can about dogs as her became reactive to other dogs early in his first year. 

Ruth has now become an accredited Dog Trainer with Dog Training College, The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, she has been mentored by Jamie Pound though her journey of completing her qualifications to become a Qualified Dog Trainer, being Jamie's assistant for 2 years in classes and attending 121's with him, covering all issues.

Ruth is also a UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor and has completed all 3 Levels Bronze Silver and Gold in both Tracking and Scent Detection.  She is very excited about bringing Scent Training to Chorleywood as Jamie is now based at the Berkhamsted location permantly.